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Hillary Clinton: The Ultimate Outsider

Veteran Democratic Party strategist (and former Clinton 2008 adviser) Peter Daou: One of the prerequisites of Washington insiderism is disdain for Hillary Clinton. Hating Hillary is an industry among the political class and media elites… There’s much talk of populism in 2016, of establishment versus outsiders, of Trump and Bernie. But what’s more populist than a candidate beloved by the people and reviled by political tastemakers and media elites? Yes, Hillary is the true outsider, and yes, that statement torpedoes conventional wisdom. It definitely torpedoes something. Here is the number of Clinton’s endorsements*: Cabinet officials: 28 Governors: 42 Senators: 47 House Representatives: 192 Members of the DNC: 113 By way of contrast, here is the number of Sanders’s endorsements*: Cabinet officials: 1 Governors: 1 Senators: 1 House Representatives: 3 Members of the […]