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Statement of Support for Erik Loomis

I and my fellow bloggers at Crooked Timber have written this statement below in support of Erik Loomis, who is being targeted by a vicious right-wing campaign of intimidation. Please go to the Crooked Timber site and voice your support for the statement. Also, and perhaps more important, please send an email of support for Loomis to the following top three administrators where he teaches: Dean Winnie Brownell: winnie@mail.uri.edu Provost Donald DeHays: ddehayes@uri.edu President David Dooley: davedooley@mail.uri.edu Thanks! ● ● ● ● ● Erik Loomis is no stranger to this blog. A gifted young scholar of US labor and environmental history, Loomis is also a blogger at Lawyers, Guns and Money. Many of us have tussled and tangled with him, […]