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The Petty Pilfering of Minutes: Wage Theft in Contemporary America

Northwestern University political scientist Daniel Galvin has an eye-opening post in The Washington Post about wage theft, a topic I’ve written about before. Based on extensive research, he’s made the following findings (my summary here is abbreviated; for the fuller findings, read Galvin’s excellent piece): 1. Percentage of low-wage workers who have suffered wage theft: 16%. (Other studies report higher percentages.) 2. Average percentage of a worker’s wages lost to wage theft: 26%. 3. Where wage theft tends to happen: private homes, nail salons, food service industries. 4. Whom it tends to happen to: women, people of color, people under 30, non-citizens, non-union members, people who didn’t finish high school or who live in the South. 5. How it happens: “employers often commit […]