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David Petraeus: Voldemort Comes to CUNY

Monday, September 9, was David Petraeus’s first class at CUNY. As he left Macaulay Honors College, where he’s teaching, he was hounded by protesters. It wasn’t pretty; the protesters were angry and they didn’t hold back. The protesters’ actions attracted national and international media attention—and condemnation. Not just from the usual suspects at Fox but from voices at CUNY as well. Macaulay Dean Ann Kirschner issued a formal statement on the Macaulay website and then took to her blog in order to further express her dismay: Before and during Dr. Petraeus’ class, however, a group of protesters demonstrated in front of the college.  That demonstration ended before the conclusion of the class.  Sometime later, while walking off campus, Dr. Petraeus […]

What the Market Will Bear

So that New York Times article I discussed in my last post mentions as an aside that General Petraeus and Macaulay Dean Ann Kirschner spent the spring emailing each other about an oped they hoped to get published in the Times. JK Trotter, the Gawker reporter, has now gotten dozens of pages of emails between these two, of which he estimates roughly half are devoted to this draft oped.  He has just tweeted two different parts of this draft. It’s—how shall I put this?—a real meeting of the minds. @CoreyRobin @slicksean small preview of Petraeus’s draft of the “op-ed” mentioned in the Times pic.twitter.com/NKylZfongX — J.K. Trotter (@jktrotter) July 16, 2013 @CoreyRobin @slicksean pic.twitter.com/eBY0NJdSYv — J.K. Trotter (@jktrotter) July 16, 2013 […]

Petraeusgate: Anatomy of a Scandal

Petraeusgate is a rapidly unfolding scandal of multiple parts. I mostly focus here on the third, which involves a potential cover-up. The first two—the crimes, as it were—are more important. But if you want to get to the newest and most scandalous revelations, jump to the third section of this post. (I won’t touch here on the ethics of hiring a man who has been publicly linked to the torture of Iraqi detainees, which may be the gravest evil of all. Nor will I touch on the larger issue this scandal has raised: our failing-up political culture, where fuck-ups in the power elite get rewarded for their fuck-ups. Alex Pareene’s got that beat covered.) Scandal #1 (with apologies to Harold […]