Paul Krugman on Petraeusgate


There are, I think, things I might want to hear David Petraeus talk about. But “recommendations for America’s leadership role in the emerging global economy” definitely don’t fit.



  1. Yastreblyansky July 11, 2013 at 7:40 pm | #

    Hey Corey, I just want to say I anticipated Krugman’s line back when the news first broke: With additional hi-concept gags and recherché pictures.

  2. Sam Holloway July 12, 2013 at 12:36 am | #

    ‘Emerging’? Seems to me the ‘global economy’ is collapsing. I don’t want to think too deeply about what’s ’emerging.’ It’s a little frightening.

  3. JTFaraday July 12, 2013 at 10:13 am | #

    I don’t want to hear this from Petraeus either. As Yves Smith at the (corruption investigating) economics blog NakedCapitalism points out

    “The latest post at TomDispatch, Creating a Military-Industrial-Immigration Complex, How to Turn the U.S.-Mexican Border into a War Zone by Todd Miller, describes how the US border with Mexico, which is being defined more and more generously, has become an R&D lab for US security operations, as well as a new profit opportunity for defense contractors, who are looking for ways to repurpose combat equipment for domestic use.”

    I can’t imagine what else his education and experience qualifies Petraeus to talk about.

    It could be that what the security industry gets from CUNY is a nice “populist” liberal imprimatur for near fascist public policy. If we’re being particularly uncharitable, we might call this “the Obama effect.”

    Now, what does the CUNY Board want from Petraeus? It almost certainly has nothing to do with the students in an era when Board members concentrate on using higher education institutions to advance their own financial interests and political agendas.

    “It’s good for the children” is a cover. Boards aren’t the only constituency in higher education that use students as a means of advancing their agenda, of course, but they do have the most concentrated power and currently have the distinction of evidencing near zero shame in their pursuit.

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