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From Poynter:

Richard Prince reports that ESPN has reversed its initial stand against staffers posting pictures of themselves in hoodies to show solidarity with Trayvon Martin. After Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera suggested that the 17-year-old’s choice to wear a hooded sweatshirt was partly to blame for him being killed, many pro athletes began to post photos of themselves wearing hooded sweatshirts. ESPN staff were at first warned not to join them. Now the network has decided “to allow this particular expression of human sympathy.”

Workplace Tyranny Averted. For Now.

Meanwhile, in the not-so-wide world of the media, Gannett has told staffers who signed a petition calling for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s recall that they would be disciplined. More here.


  1. stanley swaim April 8, 2012 at 4:53 am | #

    speaks for itself

  2. Privatize the Profits! Socialize the Costs! April 8, 2012 at 10:02 am | #

    Corey, it is my firm impression— admittedly viewed the left side of the poltical spectrum which may or may not be an accurate view—- that conservatives are more willing to deliberately lie than liberals.

    I’m not talking about “defensive” lies, such as Nixon denial of involvement in Watergate or Clinton’s denial of involvement with Monica Lewinsky.

    And I’m also not talking about “ideological” or ‘delusional’ lies… ie, the insistence that ‘big government is a cancer crippling the economyr’, or ‘union workers are lazy parasites” or that ‘fluoridated water is a Communist plot’.

    I’m talking about planned, premeditated injection of deliberate bullshit into the public square— Joe McCarthy and his famous list of communists, George W. Bush and his WMD’s, Sarah Palin and her death panels, Donald Trump and his insistence that Obama was born in Kenya, Rick Santorum and his accusation of Dutch society supposedly targeting senior citizens for death, etc. etc…

    Let’s call it— “lying for the cause”.

    Do you have any thoughts about this?

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