Sneaking Out the Back Door to Hang Out With Those Hoodlum Friends of Mine

On Friday, during that meeting of the Trustees and Chancellor Not-So-Wise, a group of UI students did a sit-in outside the meeting. After the meeting, the trustees and chancellor crept out through a different exit in order to avoid talking with the students. So in Chancellor Not-So-Wise’s abacus of civility, hotly worded tweets are a sign of a fundamental incapacity for dialogue, but sneaking out the back door in order to avoid a conversation with students reflects a healthy sense of civic engagement.

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  1. jonnybutter August 25, 2014 at 8:28 am | #

    May I just say that any excuse to listen to ‘I Wish’ is a good excuse? Also, Worldlywisewoman and her hoodlum friends would do well to listen to more soul music and less ELGAR. I bet their decision-making would improve if they had to dance first. Couldn’t hurt.

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