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You Are Not Historians!

24 Jun

Benny MorrisBenny Morris gets called a racist and a fascist by a crowd of Arab and Muslim students—one of whom shouts, “You are not an historian”—and naturally his thoughts drift to Nazi Germany. Because you remember all those Brownshirts marching through the streets of Berlin, shouting at Fritz Stern, Peter Gay, and Felix Gilbert, “You are not historians!” Don’t you?

Known Unknowns

23 Jun

Glenn BeckGlenn Beck: “I didn’t know this…A lot of Poles rose up, to try to help the Jews.” I didn’t know this either.

Tax and Spend

20 Jun

One problem with liberals in the tax debate is that they don’t realize just how little Americans actually get from the government. When the government doesn’t provide you with universal health care, a decent pension, good schools, or accessible and affordable public transportation, why should you want to pay taxes? The answer, of course, is not for Americans to pay less but for government to spend more. As Thomas Geoghegan explains here, “people are willing to pay taxes that they spend on themselves.”


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